xXxHollic Kei 9-10 Kohane’s arc is cut short?


I guess the producers wanted to resolve the problem Kohane was having Before the whole falling incident. But it messed up the storyline.
The manga has the falling incident and then a whole manga on Kohane.
I notice there are some people who Don’t like Kohane for some reason. I ADORE her! IT really depressed me to see her with cut hair at the very end.
Her mom holding her at the end was very touching and made me cry. But It doesn’t seem like a CLAMP END. I wonder if Satsuki-san is annoyed.The END they made up plays like a bad dating sim. The whole meeting under a tree and saying goodbye. ugh.. The producers just choose to make up a happy end and then leave the story completely. They did add Kohane’s mom tossing scaulding hot tea at Watanuki and the whole “Suki” thing.
They also have Kohane leaving with Watanuki and Doumeki and going to Yuko’s shop. This isn’t in the manga at all. Its sweet but it doesn’t go with the story at all.
I would be sorta annoyed if someone changed my story like this. The Producers of xXxHollic the anime seem to do this sort of thing a awful lot. They summed up the Eye incident in two episodes then covered two unimportant storylines instead. They even bring back the cherry blossom lady with that mahjong epidsode. They don’t seem to want to go for the character delevopment and are just getting to the “action” instead. The manga goes into GREAT detail and completes the story but the Anime just cuts out huge chunks.


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